Sunday, April 4, 2010

Straight Flava

I'm not always the hugest fan of jams in gyms -- but this one was dope, all the way to the crazy final battle of Floor Fenz vs. X Fenz.

Kelvin doing some crazy moves in the final battle


DVS (X Fenz)

Judges watching Rich battle

Floor Fenz vs. Teen Titanz

X Fenz cheering section

Cyphering during a break

Supreme Beingz taking a breather

DVS after winning the battle

DVS during the finals

Lacuna & Militia (aka Dynamic Ladies)

Uncle Will (Teen Titanz)

Serge & Trix (5 Crew Dynasty)

Gravity battling with Napalm

Gravity going after Frankie... I love this shot!

Ken Fury & Frankie (Supreme Beingz)

Trix & Gravity cheering on Eugene who did a two man battle solo

BKC vs. Teen Titanz

Teen Titanz getting jazzed

Invertebrate doing his crazy moves

BedBug (Teen Titanz) battling

Dynamic Ladies mid-routine

Lacuna looking fierce

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