Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NYC Masters of the Art 6

The last outdoor jam of the summer! This one went down in a school yard on 104th & Lex...

1 on 1 prelims

KidGlyde cyphering

Uncle Will vs. Ronnie in the under-17 finals

My favorite pic of the day... Evade.

5 Crew

Serge & Franklin



Friday, September 2, 2011

National Bboy Week | LA

I was out in LA for National Bboy week -- tons of events (Braun Battle of the Year, Freestyle Sessions, United Styles...etc) , tons of new locations to shoot in... here are the pics I took in no particular order.

Probably my favorite pic of the week...


These guys blew me away... X-Mob won the 2 vs. 2 at Battle of Year &
they're only 13 & 14. Amazing.

Whorah & Lacuna

The NYC contingent! Lacuna, Serge, Gravity, Invertebrate, Blue Eyes & Blaze

Snap Boogie



Battle of the Year crowd from stage

Easy Roc

Gravity Benders

The Freak Show warming up

Poe One

Outside at United Styles

Cyphers at United Styles... one of my favorite sets of the week

SamO at Freestyle Sessions

Connie Rock


DJ Lean Rock getting shaved downstairs at Battle of the Year - another fave.

Invertebrate at Battle of the Year