Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drop Crank Society House Battle pt. 2

Kaotic Blaze

SamO in a side cypher


Dister calling for some light

Another one of my faves

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drop Crank Society House Battle pt. 1

Shout out to Ed, aka "Wonder" who asked me to snap pics at Part I of Jazz Massive & Drop Crank Society's House battle semis. A lot of it was shooting blind since is was DARK in the venue -- it was held in the lounge underneath Webster Hall, but I'm happy with how the pics came out...

Concrete Monkey getting it in



Mai Le

One of my faves! Ephrat battling in the cypher

A break in the battling...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken & Beer IV

This was my first chance to catch Chicken & Beer -- I was loving the setting, lighting, the whole 9 yards... Congrats to SamO & Danny Infamous for taking both the bboy & house battle -- back to back nonetheless...!

Fish TwoFresh (Supreme Beingz)

DuRag (Supreme Beingz)

Whorah & Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)

Lacuna (Dynamic Rockers)

SamO (XFenz)

SamO & Danny Infamous... the winners of the eve

Lacuna & Kid Glyde

Paranoia & Bobby Rel Butler

Carlos (5 Crew Dynasty) whackin'

Queue poppin' & lockin'


Eriko & Mai Li getting ready for the house battle

Domkey getting down in the Supreme/X-Fenz circle

Frankie (Supreme Beingz)

One of my favorite shots of the night! B-Ill (X-Fenz) getting down

Bongo Roc (Supreme Beingz)

Julz & Serge (5 Crew Dynasty)

Kaotic Blaze watching on...

Chem vs. Oreo & Cikmode

Danny Infamous

Cyclone hiding behind Killer Kel's arm...

Danny Infamous vs. Whorah