Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Braggin' Rites

One of my favorite NYC jams - hands down. This one was PACKED -- Bboy Rich & Amzilla took home the wins, but good stuff all round.

One of my favorites!! Little Man aka Invertebrate (5 Crew Dynasty/Dynamic Rockers)

Judges Frankie & Gravity watching on

More Invertebrate!

Whorah (Dynamic Rockers) vs. ARod (Breaks Kru)

Floor Phantom

Frankie cyphering

I was loving this guys outift!

Whorah mid-air flare

Lacuna cyphering

Round one of the emcee battle, Amzilla on the mic

Crowd reacting to the Albert Rhymestine vs. Goldilocks emcee battle

Gravity checking out the emcee battle

Bboy Rich in the finals

The finalists showing each other some love

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