Friday, December 11, 2009

Bboy Fifo

Fifo and I froze our ASSES off on a rooftop in Greenpoint this afternoon -- we got all the cool skyline sunset shots, but this one is my favorite... a little nook on on the bridge between two roofs...

Fifo from BKC

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Evolution 4

I just got back travelling with Dynamic Rockers to Evolution 4 -- the jam was dope. It was a loooong week - between driving down and back and spending 4 days filming in Atlanta. Definitely worth it though. Kid Glyde, Whorah and Invertebrate won the 3 on 3, Meen187 killed it in his exhibition battle & the Dynamic Rockers crew made it to the finals in the 8 on 8 -- so good stuff all round. In between shooting 25 hours of footage I managed to bust out the still camera on Day 2 to shoot some of the cyphers going on...

Cikmode from Washington Heights

Cikmode killing it with the headspins

Meen187 from Dynamic Rockers

Whorah & Kien from Dynamic Rockers and 5 Crew Dynasty

Monday, November 9, 2009


As I'm trolling through the footage I keep landing on these moments that I wish I'd been able to capture with a still camera too... but captured stills will have to suffice. Here's one of my latest favorites from the Sneakerbox Jam that went down in July...

5 Crew Dynasty Huddle

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kings of New York

Here are some shots from Kings of New York went down the night after Halloween at St. Marks Church in the East Village. I wasn't in love with the fact with the fact the crowd had to be so far away from the battles -- but still managed to get some shots that I'm happy with. Congrats to Dynamic & 5 Crew who took home the breaking title!

Teen Titanz

Teen Titanz getting jazzed

Foot Clan

Meen getting some love after Dynamic's first round

SamO from Xfenz facing off against Dynamic & 5 Crew

Dynamic, 5 Crew & Xfenz

Gravity doing his thing

Dynamic vs. XFenz (from bottom to top: Whorah, Blue Eyes, Kid Glyde & Gravity)

Gravity, Blue Eyes & Whorah facing off against Xfenz

Kid Glyde!!

Supreme Beingz post battle

Cyphers during the popping battle

Blue Eyes in the cypher

Supreme Beingz mid-battle


Supreme Beingz getting jazzed

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Portraits of the crew by Kris Graves

As part of the final episode of the crew, I filmed a photo session of the crew with friend & talented photographer Kris Graves ( at his studio in Dumbo. Here are some of the final photos...

From L to R (Whorah, Invertebrate, Meen187, Kid Glyde)

Kid Glyde