Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who Can Roast the Most

O.k., this post is way overdue. This jam happened way back in June & was great -- the exhibition battles & the 2 on 2 crew battles were dope (shout out to Supreme for taking the win!). My favorite pics of the jam, though, are the ones from the cypher battle on the side between Dynamic Rockers/5 Crew Dynasty + Supreme Beingz/X-Fenz.... that sh*t was fire.

Julz cyphering

Gravity watching Kid Glyde warm up

Bgirl Militia & Co.

The start of the cypher battle... DVS getting hyped.

Kid Glyde

Killah Kel





CikMode & Serious (Wash Heights)

I love this pic of Kid Glyde


Kom3's exhibition battle

Meen187's exhibition battle...

... and his Dynamic Rocker's cheering section

BX got the view

Jiggz (& Bananas) in the final battle...

vs. Kid Glyde & Gravity

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