Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bboy Masters: Gravity vs. DVS

This battle was hype!! Even though the flyer was a little mis-leading (10 rounds!!!!) the battle between Gravity & DVS was dope. Congrats to Gravity on defending his title for the third time & on Killer Kel for nabbing the honor of challenging him next jam.

Half-step vs. Danny INFMS

Whorah watching Gravity warm up

Whorah & Lil' Tony after Whorah's battle


Fifo vs. Souljerz


Killa Kel

Nothing can stop Julz from cyphering haha

Beastboy in the Titanz vs. Titanz battle

Chem vs. Paranoia

The judge's bracket

Will I Am (Step Fenz) in the cypher

Shuggz (Supreme Beingz) acting as the 4th judge

And the Gravity vs. DVS battle begins...

Gravity post-win

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