Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken & Beer IV

This was my first chance to catch Chicken & Beer -- I was loving the setting, lighting, the whole 9 yards... Congrats to SamO & Danny Infamous for taking both the bboy & house battle -- back to back nonetheless...!

Fish TwoFresh (Supreme Beingz)

DuRag (Supreme Beingz)

Whorah & Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)

Lacuna (Dynamic Rockers)

SamO (XFenz)

SamO & Danny Infamous... the winners of the eve

Lacuna & Kid Glyde

Paranoia & Bobby Rel Butler

Carlos (5 Crew Dynasty) whackin'

Queue poppin' & lockin'


Eriko & Mai Li getting ready for the house battle

Domkey getting down in the Supreme/X-Fenz circle

Frankie (Supreme Beingz)

One of my favorite shots of the night! B-Ill (X-Fenz) getting down

Bongo Roc (Supreme Beingz)

Julz & Serge (5 Crew Dynasty)

Kaotic Blaze watching on...

Chem vs. Oreo & Cikmode

Danny Infamous

Cyclone hiding behind Killer Kel's arm...

Danny Infamous vs. Whorah

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