Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Braggin' Rites of 2010

This is one of my favorite nyc jams! 16 bboys are narrowed down to two who battle it out in a final stamina round. Frankie & Floor Phantom went 30 (!?!) rounds before the judges finally called the battle off. Crazy. Guest DJ, DJ Lean Rock, was amazing & DP One killed it as usual. Congrats to Frankie for the win. All round it was good stuff.

Bboy Froggy

I love the shadows the spotlight was creating!

Bboy 360

Bboy Evade

Bboy Evade

Bboy Phantom with Mike Fresh cheering him on...

Cikmode vs. Phantom

Frankie vs. Froggy

Frankie in one of the final 30 rounds...!

Floor Phantom

Cikmode with Evade watching on

Bboy Serious from Washington Heights cyphering

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