Thursday, December 10, 2009

Evolution 4

I just got back travelling with Dynamic Rockers to Evolution 4 -- the jam was dope. It was a loooong week - between driving down and back and spending 4 days filming in Atlanta. Definitely worth it though. Kid Glyde, Whorah and Invertebrate won the 3 on 3, Meen187 killed it in his exhibition battle & the Dynamic Rockers crew made it to the finals in the 8 on 8 -- so good stuff all round. In between shooting 25 hours of footage I managed to bust out the still camera on Day 2 to shoot some of the cyphers going on...

Cikmode from Washington Heights

Cikmode killing it with the headspins

Meen187 from Dynamic Rockers

Whorah & Kien from Dynamic Rockers and 5 Crew Dynasty

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